LUCY TAN author

Short Fiction


"Corpse Flower"McSweeney's Quarterly Issue 55

"We believed in our parents like we believed in God. There was no proof they could protect us from anything, but it was nice to have someone to call on."

Safety of numbers

"Safety of Numbers"Ploughshares (Winter 2015-16)

"My mother is from northern China, a woman with a small face and a big voice and hair that springs from her head so fiercely you’re sure it’s about to have a word with you."

Winner of Ploughshares' 2015 Emerging Writer's Contest
Audio version available from Petrichor


"Cachito"Sixfold Journal (Fall 2013)

"The men we met at Cachito called us girls, or sometimes ladies, and also chickies, broads, biddies, moon-faces and jailbait but not kids--never kids. We had to learn their speech to mask our ages."

The money shot

"The Money Shot"Asia Literary Review, Vol. 19 (Spring 2011)

"'Is that Mao Zedong?' Davis asked no one in particular. 'Is he holding a bottle of... Belvedere?' 'It's a party theme, not propaganda,' Corinne answered from behind him."

Editor's Choice

New house rules

"New House Rules"Paterson Literary Review, Issue 39 (Winter 2011)

"I wanted to climb up on that big machine with more extractable parts to it than a pocketknife. Be part of a thing that could make people feel panicked and safe all at once when they saw its red and white holiday lights come sweeping down the street."

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