• "Safety of Numbers" Ploughshares (Winter 2015-16)

    "My mother is from northern China, a woman with a small face and a big voice and hair that springs from her head so fiercely you’re sure it’s about to have a word with you." *Winner of Ploughshares' 2015 Emerging Writer's Contest
  • "Cachito" Sixfold Journal (Fall 2013)

    "The men we met at Cachito called us girls, or sometimes ladies, and also chickies, broads, biddies, moon-faces and jailbait but not kids--never kids. We had to learn their speech to mask our ages."
  • "The Money Shot" Asia Literary Review, Vol. 19 (Spring 2011)*

    "'Is that Mao Zedong?' Davis asked no one in particular. 'Is he holding a bottle of... Belvedere?' 'It's a party theme, not propaganda,' Corinne answered from behind him." *Editor's Choice
  • "New House Rules" Paterson Literary Review, Issue 39 (Winter 2011)

    "I wanted to climb up on that big machine with more extractable parts to it than a pocketknife. Be part of a thing that could make people feel panicked and safe all at once when they saw its red and white holiday lights come sweeping down the street."